IPC-5000 series touch screen and display screen adhesion repair method

IPC-5000 series tester can provide great convenience for camera installation work, but recently we have received feedback from users that the touch screen and display screen stuck together of the IPC-5000 Plus series tester (as the picture). The tester uses a non-full-fit screen, which is originally independent of each other.

We analyzed all the samples and found the problem: In order to make the tester have a best display effect, we have reduced the gap between the display and the touch screen as much as possible, so that the display effect is close to the full-fit screen. However, because the gap is too small, the touch screen may stuck to the dispaly screen when under the influence of continuous external force, continuous static electricity, and high temperature.

Solution: Remove the touch screen, separate the touch screen and the display screen completely, and then reinstall the touch screen (please view the video)

1. Use a hair dryer to blow the screen to make the screen temperature rise to about 55°C (130°F)
2. The demo video is the screen after disassembly, but you don’t need to disassemble the tester, use the suction cup to slowly suck the touch screen, and the attention is even, and the screen is sucked in multiple positions at the same time. Note that the lower left corner is the screen cable, please avoid damaging the cable(FPC).
3. Remove the touch screen, completely separate the touch screen from the display, and then reinstall the touch screen.

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