Collection: Rsrteng New in 2022, IPC-7600 Plus Series 8K Security Surveillance Camera Tester

Rsrteng New in 2022, 8K security surveillance camera tester ——IPC-7600 Plus series. 9 models in the series: IPC-7600 Plus, IPC-7600C Plus, IPC-7600ADH Plus, IPC-7600CADH Plus, IPC-7600ADHS Plus, IPC-7600CADHS Plus, IPC-7600COTADHS Plus, IPC-7600CVTADHS Plus, IPC- 7600COVTADHS Plus. It is an essential tool for field technicians in the field of security cameras. Used for the installation and maintenance of IP network cameras.

The Rsrteng IPC-7600 Plus series camera tester is used for maintenance and installation of new 8K H.265 IP camera and analog, HD coaxial cameras as well as other security equipment,Support H.265 8K / H.264 4K camera video display via mainstream. The IPS touch screen 1920x1200 resolution enables it to display network HD cameras and analog cameras in high resolution.The unit supports many ONVIF PTZ and analog PTZ control. Additionally, it with other functions UTP cable test, network test etc.

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