How to solve the problem that the CCTV camera tester still prompts "user and password error" even if the user name and password are correct.

Have you encountered that when you test a Hikvision camera, even if you enter the correct username and password, the prompt "user and password error" still appears?

The answer is here!
In the event that this problem occurs, please first ensure that the camera username and password you entered are correct.
If you confirm that the entered camera username and password are correct, please upgrade your tester's APP online.

APP name that needs to be upgraded:

"ONVIF" APP upgraded to V01.00 086 or higher

HIK” App upgraded to V01.00 039 or higher

"HksadpPlayer" APP upgraded to V01.00 003 or higher

After upgrading, please restart your tester, and then you can test normally.


Please NOTE: 

1, Different testers may have different APP names, but if you encounter the same problem, you can try to upgrade the APP using the online update function first.

2,The tester described in this blog post does not include the IPCXS series and IPC-9310

I hope this blog post is helpful to everyone. If you need any help, you can also contact our after-sales support email:


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