Collection: Rsrteng IPC-1800ADH Plus Security Camera Tester

This is Rsrteng IPC-1800ADH Plus security camera tester. It is an essential tool for field technicians in the field of security cameras. Used for the installation and maintenance of IP network camera and coaxial HD surveillance camera and other security equipment.

IPC-1800ADH Plus uses 4 inch 800x480P high-definition touch screen, so the operation becomes simple and fast. Support max 12MP IP camera and max 4K 8MP coaxial HD camera test. Support POE, WIFI, RJ45TDR, DC 12V/3A power output etc. Use it to make your installation process simple and efficient. You can continue to view the details to learn more. If you need any help, you can contact us at SALES@RSRTENG.COM
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  • Rsrteng IPC-1800ADH Plus Security Camera Tester
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