We have been engaged in the security surveillance field more than 10 years. We have provided many security cameras and video recorders for customers , but in the process, we found that many of our customers encountered the same problem---The surveillance system installation is a tedious process. This made us realize that people need a tool to solve the problems encountered during the installation of security cameras.

Therefore, Mr. Su and his team founded the Rsrteng brand, dedicated to the development of professional camera installation tools. Nowadays, these tools have become indispensable tools for field personnel of camera installation.It can solve problems efficiently and quickly. Now, Rsrteng's tester has multiple series of products, and it is still increasing. Because this product has a strong professional,So we are trying our best to show more details and accurate equipment parameters for our customers need. Hope it can bring your work easier and more efficient
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Customer Feedback

This tool is highly recommended. Regarding the shipping time, the device was received quickly. for the device. This CCTV tester monitor is very professional. I can test the type, length, connectivity of network cables, and create test reports. It has a lot of features, I love the IP Discovery APP, which can plug in an IP camera, find the IP address through the POE injector to power it, and can also Browse the webcam through the web. Haven't tested the multimeter yet.

Anup Kumar

This CCTV tester is amazing. This is basically a beautiful Android tablet with tons of tools and features. If you need you can install any APP you want. The ability to install the Android app is great because now I can do server management from the same device I use to install the camera. Its quality is really great and the standby time is very long. The stylus that came with this tester was a very pleasant surprise, and the visor protects the screen well, which I love. I used to keep my old tester handy, but now I put it in the kit that came with it, and it's safe.

Tushar Khetan

Fire tester! helps out everything! any cameras support that IP, that analog, that Poe. you can climb into the camera, That IP, that analog. allows me to address cameras, router. Protest the network, even you can change the IP address of the router. used as a monitor, and what more surprised me that when setting up remote access to the phone, it even reads the code code! calls any cable, determines the breakage. In general, all in one, and do not carry a bag of testers, and especially a laptop.

Calvin Davis

Reasonable shipping time, great customer support and elaborate test device. I now have to learn how to use it. One pleased customer; thanks guys!

Jordan Douglass

this cctv tester monitor does so much I've barely scratched the surface, but my friend test it for 10 minutes before deciding that he had to have one. The best part is that it also provides instructions and operating instructions! It can tests anything you can think of and is packed full of useful features like distance to fault, wiring diagram. It powers anything, views anything, records from anything, even HDMI. Micro SD slot, audio in/out, browser, media player. Outputs test screen(color bars). Hell, you can watch vids or play music from it.Install any software you want! I am very glad with the receipt of this tester, the seller will contact me to confirm the delivery details before shipping. it is so great!

Danny Lee

I've been looking for the best cctv configuration tool and have used a lot of testers but because it's versatile and the best quality. I received it within 8 days very well.

Ingrid Moraes

I regret that I didn't buy it sooner. This tester is really good, because it is a bit expensive for me, I hesitated for a long time before buying it, and I also looked at many different links. But still choose to buy from this one. Overall, highly recommended

Una Ennis

Like the fact it runs on top of Android which gives it quite a bit of flexibility

Paul Boissiere

I really love it, just like and tablet.You can also take screenshots and record videos. Cool cctv tester monitor. highly recommended .

Fallah Akbar