APP & Software Download

   Download the APK software file, copy the APK file to the SD card, then find the APK file, open it and run the installation. When you click the link to download the compressed APK file, as well as the third-party download file, you can download the file normally. If the APP you need is not in the list or need any help, please contact us.



Cable tracer APP
Compatible cable tracer serial number is NO.WR23xxxxxxxx and  NO.WR24xxxxxxxx. The download file contains how to install this APP to your tester.



AXS test tool APP
Suitable for Axis IP camera testing. Solve the situation that when using "IPC tester pro" and "ONVIF" to test Axis IP camera, even if the password is correct, it will prompt "password error". Suitable for all IP camera testers except HD-3000 series.



NET TOOL APP (V01.00 052 version, for IPC-7600 Plus series only)
For IPC-7600 Plus series only. Fixed the V01.00 0037 version of NET TOOL when the system language is English or other languages, some Chinese display will appear when using the "PING Responser" and "OUI Search" functions. After the fix, the Chinese part will be displayed in English.


Rsrteng camera tester CCTV tester WiFi Analyzer 

WiFi Analyzer APP
For IPC-18xxPlus / IPC-19xxPlus / IPC-5xxxPlus / IPC-7xxxPlus / IPC-76xxPlus / IPC-86xxPlus / IPC-98xxPlus+ / X7 / X9 series camera tester. Support view wifi information, test wifi strength, analyze channel occupancy and channel level, etc. X7/X9 series supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band WiFi, other models support 2.4GHz WiFi,  It depends on the WiFi frequencies supported by the tester.