Collection: Rsrteng RSO-6200 series high-performance OTDR

Rsrteng high-performance OTDR(optical time-domain reflectometer)——RSO-6200 series. 5 models in the series: RSO-6200-S0, RSO-6200-S2, RSO-6200-T3, RSO-6200-M1, RSO-6200-SM1. It is an essential tool for technicians in the field of measuring fiber parameters. Widely used in FTTX, optical network engineering construction, maintenance and repair testing, optical fiber cable production measurement, etc.

Rsrteng RSO-6200 series adopt 7 inch capacitive touch screen, which integrates 9 modules. So the operation of measuring various parameters of the optical fiber becomes simple and fast. With excellent intelligent hardware and software design, the accuracy of short fiber test and automatic test is higher. Support Event Map, LS OPM VFL OLS, Fiber Inspection, Ethernet Tools, Remote Test and Analysis software functions to meet various test needs in different occasions.
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  • Rsrteng RSO-6200-S0 1310/1550nm 32dB/30dB high-performance OTDR
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