IPC-9310 security camera tester
IPC-9310 security camera tester
IPC-9310 security camera tester
IPC-9310 security camera tester
IPC-9310 security camera tester
IPC-9310 security camera tester
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, IPC-9310 security camera tester
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, IPC-9310 security camera tester
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, IPC-9310 security camera tester
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, IPC-9310 security camera tester
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, IPC-9310 security camera tester
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, IPC-9310 security camera tester

IPC-9310 security camera tester

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1unit IPC-9310 tester

Please note

It adopts a smart operation system, mainly used for the installation and maintenance of network monitoring cameras, analog video monitor cameras and other security monitoring equipment, the instrument adopts a 4-inch HD IPS full view display screen, can clearly display the IP and analog camera video images. It is built in a variety of network tools including that for PING, IP address scan, and standard PoE power output, DC12V/3A power output, it is an essential tool for security monitoring projects and integrated wiring projects.

Note*: Cable tester is not suitable for 9310 series, if you need more details, you can contact us at any time.


  •  One-click batch activation for Hikvision
  •  IP rapid detection  
  •  Coaxial HD
  •  Camera focus test
  •  Channel name modification
  •  12V 3A large current DC output
  •  For Android system
  •  PoE power
  •  4-inch 800x480 capacitive touch screen. HD full-view screen
  •  One-click camera activation
  •  Horizontal and vertical screen switch to browse images
  •  Support IP PTZ control
  •  Support 4K HD preview
  •  Support for ONVIF, Hikvision, Dahua, ACTI and other more than 100 manufacturers of private camera network protocol testing


Camera test

Support MPEG4 network IP camera test, hardware decoding,support max 4K 12MP camera test.

Support coaxial HD 4.0, TVI8MP, CVI8MP, AHD8MP camera image test, coaxial video control and menu call, support snapshot,video recording, image zoom, playback;

IP full network segment detection, ultra-fast ONVIF, network IP camera one-click image;

New Hikvision test tool, support batch activation, batch modify IP address, modify user name and password and other parameters, add custom modify channel name, camera time can be customized position display, more convenient.   Restored factory Settings.

New Dahua test tool, support batch activation of Dahua camera, batch modify IP address,reserve email for password recovery,add custom modify channel name,user name and password etc.

Support IPC private protocol testing of more than 80 network camera manufacturers such as Dahua, Hikvision,ACTi and Samsung; Support others Brand camera private agreement customization tools, XM(CMS), Unv, Jovision, Topsee, Tiandy, JCO/Danale,TP-Link, Hanbang High-tech, EZVIZ. Support 95% the market brand network camera IP address modify, channel name modify;

Analog CVBS video image display, PTZ control, image magnification, snapshot,video recording and playback functions;

Virtual ONVIF camera function, which can be used the tester as a virtual camera to connect to NVR and test it.

Support lens calculation, image quality calculation, convenient camera focus;

One screen dual display, support network camera and analog camera testing at the same time;

Support network PTZ control function (via ONVIF),gesture up,down,left and right sliding,control the PTZ camera.

Network integration tools, IP address scan, PING, DHCP services, network port flicker, PPPoE dialing function test, advanced link test, routing track, bandwidth test, Socket debugger and generic security tools.

Support network video stream RTSP playback, the maximum support 12MP video stream playback;

Power function

Max DC12V/3A power output, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection;

Standard PoE IEEE802.3af power supply output, DC48V, maximum 25.5W;

Support 12V, PoE power supply power detection.

PSE switch voltage, supply line sequence, power detection.

Detection tools

noise (optional)

network cable sequence on and off test, host intuitive display network cable sequence state

Other features

Screen projection function, which can be used to scan the QR code of Android or iPhone to view  the Project Treasure screen directly and support multi-player coordination.

Built-in WIFI function, can test the wireless network camera, support to create WIFI hotspots;

Flashlight, calculator, music player, video player and other application tools;

Android7.0 system, which can install and run other Android applications;

Application software can support upgrade update when the tester conect network;

The tester image can be rotated 180 degrees to facilitate the connection of the network cable and the power cable;

Support file management, a variety of file copy, FTP server

Support RS485 debugging tool;

- Product model: IPC-9310
- Control & operation: Capacitive touch screen + button + virtual mouse
- Touch screen: 4 inch G+G structure capacitive screen
- LCD screen: 4 inch resolution 800x480 IPS HD full viewing angle
- Ethernet port: 10/10/1000M adaptive
- WIFI: Built-in wireless WIFI, speed 150M
- IP monitoring test: Support for ONVIF tools Dahua, Hikvision, ACTI, Samsung and other private agreements of more than 30 manufacturers, can be customized. Support mobile client installation, support maximum resolution 4K, real-time browsing images without delay.
- CVBS analog monitoring test: 1 CVBS analog input, support PAL/NTSC standard self-adaptation
- Video image enlargement: Mobile high-definition video image can be enlarged in real time, the maximum magnification is 8 times
- Photographing, video recording, and playback: All video images support taking photos and video recordings. Support H265 code storage
- PTZ control: Support for more than forty protocols such as Pelco-D/P, Samsung, Panasonic, etc.
- Working temperature: -10℃ to 50℃
- Working humidity: 30% to 90%
- Tester Dimensions: 23 x 9.2 x 4.1 cm